AI RoboForm For Windows (32/64 bit)

AI RoboForm

RoboForm makes entering passwords and personal information on the web a breeze. RoboForm is a password manager that will store sensitive data all in one place, protected by one master password. You’ll then be able to quickly access those passwords and notes every time you need them.

One of the first things you’ll have to do is set a master password. It’s very important to remember that password, because it allows you to unlock all the notes and information you store in RoboForm. Make sure to set a secure password, because if anybody finds it out, they’ll have access to all the passwords you stored in RoboForm. As an extra security feature, you can choose to have RoboForm automatically log off after a certain amount of minutes or when you lock your workstation.

So how does RoboForm work? The application, tucked into your system tray, can store web passwords, safe notes and identities. The first time you launch Roboform you should create multiple identities. Enter information like phone numbers, address, company, bank account details and Social Security Number. Once it’s all stored in RoboForm, you’ll be able to fill in online forms in a click. We tested it out on a number of forms and were actually surprised at how well this function works.

When browsing the web, logins will probably be the item you use most. Every time you enter a user name and password for a website, RoboForm will offer to store it. From then on, you won’t have to worry about entering those details when accessing the page, as RoboForm will handle it automatically. To protect against phishing, RoboForm will always compare a website URL to the one corresponding to your password.

If you’re having troubles finding a proper password you can use the password generator found in tools. Not only can you choose the number and types of characters, but also exclude similar characters (like 1 and I or O and 0) or limit to hexadecimals. For any element you create, RoboForm offers five known encryption algorithms to choose from for your entries: Blowfish, AES, RC6, 1DES and 3DES. We can only lament that the program does not explain the inherent differences between these algorithms. For most users we suggest AES or Blowfish, but all of these will prove decent cover.

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