ATi Catalyst Drivers For Windows (32/64 bit)

ATi Catalyst Drivers

ATI Catalyst is a professional-grade driver that is designed to enhance the levels of performance associated with PC-based graphics. It can be a great addition for gamers and anyone who is seeking to maximise the power of their existing GPU. This specific version is meant to be used in conjunction with 64-bit Windows 7 operating systems.

ATI Catalyst essentially helps to 'boost' the speed of an onboard graphics processor. Thus, it is excellent when high-definition videos need to be rendered with perfection. As it also streamlines the functionality of most GPU circuits, it can likewise help to increase the overall processing power of a computer. This is often very important when playing fast-paced games that would normally require a great deal of spare memory. The setup process is assisted by a wizard, so no prior experience is required.

ATI Catalyst is certified through the Microsoft WHQL framework, so users can rest assured that they are receiving a quality product. This bundle is particularly beneficial when used in conjunction with OpenGL and Direct3D games. It can be configured across multiple monitors in the event that the user wishes to split screens (as is often the case when playing some types of games).

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