BitTorrent For Windows (32/64 bit)


BitTorrent is the veteran, the ancestor, the beginning of all BitTorrent clients there is. Its technology allows for a simple and painless download of large files – movies, music, applications. BitTorrent is the basics, the foundation necessary for any newcomer to the P2P, peer-to-peer, sharing wonderland. Its simplistic, yet intuitive approach makes access to the long-awaited downloads a matter of seconds. Naturally, the speed of a download depends on a number of factors, like your connection speed, availability of peers, size of files, etc. Please, note: illegal downloads of content protected by copyright law may get you in trouble. We strongly recommend you stick to free-to-download movies and music, or pay for the licensed material.

Installation comes with a lot of bundled applications that are supposed to assist users in getting hold of media content without using browsers. This is a definite Con for someone who does not like applications interfere with anything but their specific purpose. Unless you want Raptr app to download and play free-to-play PC games, or Torrent Tweet additional bundle which works 50% of the times you want to use it. Another bundle installs BitDefender powered antivirus. Overall mess the installation creates is aggravating. If you choose to block the bundle manager from your Firewall, the installation stops altogether. Moreover, the purpose of bundling antivirus and social marketing apps with torrent downloads and free PC games is quite vague. BitTorrent also comes with so-called DNA. The publisher's website calls it "Delivery Network Acceleration" protocol, but other than a vague description, it's difficult to define what exactly it does.

Once launched, the program greets the user with a plain unattractive interface, similar to that of uTorrent, divided into two parts: main section with search box which allows for easy browsing and finding the media you wish to download, and the smaller section containing numerous options to check download's status, receive RSS content and explore App Studio. The user experience is positive due to simple and quite friendly interface. You can pause, stop, resume, remove downloads from the list. There are numerous statistic data at the bottom of the window showing the number of peers, countries, connection speed, and other metrics.

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