Mozilla Firefox For Windows (32/64 bit)

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox - the browser of the new generation of the well-known company Mozilla Foundation. Simple and very easy to use interface allows the user to understand the simple program for a couple of minutes. High safety, speed, flexibility and expandability - the basic qualities of the free browser Mozilla Firefox.

Are you tired of pop-up windows that open when you visit many sites, then you need to fully download Firefox. In the browser, Firefox free you can manually specify which sites to allow pop-ups, but with what not.

If you are worried for your personal data, you may want to download Firefox. With this fast and secure browser, you can not be afraid of spyware. You can also have control over their privacy and control of personal data. In faerfoks it makes it easy to remove the traces of their stay in the network.

Adding interesting sites you bookmark is now even easier and faster - it is possible with one click on the yellow star in the address bar. magazine and bookmarks are managed within a single window. Selection of the necessary references became more convenient, due to the presence of special groups recently added bookmarks and the most frequently visited sites.

When you start to enter the address immediately a window appears with the tips, where more bold type shows all matches. The window contains a list of recently visited sites you. Line shows not only the addresses of websites, but also their titles, which greatly simplifies and speeds up input. They are displayed in a window with a history of previously opened sites. Even if you do not remember the exact address, the resource name tells you the right way.

Download manager allows pumps a file, if necessary, after the termination of internet connection. The status bar always shows the number of received files and the approximate time until the download is complete.

You no longer need to manually download the new version of the browser as they are released and to monitor their appearance. The system updates automatically loads the small patches the size of a few hundred kilobytes, saving you time and bandwidth.

Mozilla Firefox - the most extensible and customizable browser on the planet. You can customize the toolbar to put additional expansion modules and themes. Thanks to the huge number of extensions you can turn yourself into a multifunctional tool for exploring the World Wide Web.

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