PocketDivXEncoder For Windows (32/64 bit)


PocketDivXEncoder is a user friendly application designed to help you encode video files for your handheld devices.

The program comes with multiple predefined parameters for several devices, so you can easily encode a video file for smartphones, iRiver media players, PDAs, high definition TVs and home cinema systems.

The intuitive interface makes everything easy for beginners, too, because all the options are comprised inside a single window.

Besides picking the file to encode and the output file, the user also has the possibility to choose the output options, which are basically the settings of the result AVI file. There are multiple adjustments that can be made, including video and audio quality, brightness, saturation, sound and contrast.

Of course, you can also choose the dimensions, but also the overall duration of the clip, which means you may also cut the video in multiple parts.

There are also multiple advanced options depending on the predefined profile you choose, so you may also want to enable direct video stream copy, 2-pass encoding, deinterlace, VHQ, IVTC and XviD. As for the audio side, there are dedicated tools to enable the “Live” effect and audio normalization.

The encoding process doesn't take too much time and PocketDivXEncoder needs just a moderate amount of computer resources to get the job done.

Also, it is possible to set the process priority and schedule computer shutdown after encoding, which is useful especially if you perform batch conversion jobs.

All things considered, PocketDivXEncoder is a nice piece of software that can help you encode video files for your personal portable gadgets. Just make sure you configure the output file in the right way and you should be satisfied with the results.

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