RealPLayer For Windows (32/64 bit)


Not long ago, the RealPlayer was the most popular media player online, as it was among the few players that enabled you to burn a video onto a DVD or CD directly from a webpage. Whilst the old versions of this player were increasingly annoying, since they contained some third party add-ons, nobody really liked the RealPlayer very much. However, the SP versions focused on offering some genuinely useful features that so far seem to go hand in hand with the modern digital media generation.

The free version of the new SP model is amazing considering that users can download non-protected copies of their favorite videos and convert them to a wide variety of formats, which can later be played on game consoles and other digital devices. On the other hand, the full version, that is also paid, enables you to create H.264 videos and offers a lot more editing options in addition to the same features you get with the free version.

The installation process of RealPlayer is fairly easy. Once you have downloaded the application kit, you will have to go through the installation process, and unlike its older versions, you now have the option of installing other add-ons as well. However, it is important to note that before you install it, it is advisable to check whether you meet the minimum system requirements or not. This version of the RealPlayer has a rather high requirement regarding the hardware, as you need a 1.4GHz or faster processor, at least 1GB of RAM and about 500MB of free disk space.

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