Transmission For Windows (32/64 bit)


Transmission is a new, fast, BitTorrent client. It has all the major features you would expect a BitTorrent client to have, but it’s open source (which means anyone can see how it was created and contribute to make it better) and it does not have any monetary goals (it does not come packed with toolbars, ads & malware like other similar programs).

Here’s why you’ll want to make Transmission your default peer to peer client:

Very easy to set up, you can do it with just a few clicks. The developers have included a minimal configuration they call “Just Work”, which does exactly what the name says

Requires low resources (CPU, RAM)

The lowest memory footprint of all BitTorrent clients, which made many device manufacturers ship their software with Transmission (Belkin, FON, Networked Media Tank)

Runs flawlessly on all operating systems

All the major functions expected (encryption, peer exchange, local discovery, limit upload or download bandwidth, UPnP, handle magnet links, DHT, tracker management, µTP, etc)

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